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April 17, 2014 | Uhuruspirit

Former Cabinet minister Ronnie Kasrils and former deputy health minister Nozizwe Madlala–Routledge during the launch of their anti-election campaign at Wits University in Johannesburg.

South Africa is bracing itself for the 5th democratic general elections since the fall of apartheid. This year’s elections are based on a fiction of strengthened opposition, whose main election strategy is founded on discrediting government by spreading big lies, splurging millions from foreign-meddlers on advertisements, promising false hope and sowing seeds of division among the South African society.

In the run-up towards these elections, right-wing elements and ultra-conservatives have recruited our leaders of yesteryear to pursue their neo-colonial agenda, whilst fronting with black faces and parading them in media coverages. Battle lines are clearly drawn and defined, even our yesteryear heroes who are influencing the derailment of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) have been finally exposed in their true oppositionist form.

These anti-ANC individuals and groupings are glued together by disgruntlement, bitterness and a bizarre sense of entitlement as they believe that they are above the organization and collective. They have selectively forgotten our core principles of internal democracy and democratic centralism. Their recent public utterances have finally confirmed what we have been suspecting all along, “wounded tigers” who have chosen to purposefully compromise principle in a manner unbefitting a cadre of our movement.

The Party wishes to reiterate our conviction that the masses of our people will once more affirm ANC as their most trusted force on May 7 and not detractors who are unable to internalize our internal democratic processes and resolve differences of opinion in a comradely manner. Would it not be a more sober and principled approach for public figures and veterans alike to instead resolve internal challenges and contradictions through internal democratic engagements than to narrowly run to the media?

As the Party, we remain resolute in campaigning for the resounding victory of the ANC. The ANC remains the only political, mass-based formation to drive a progressive agenda of a democratic, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous South Africa. Influencing society to spoil their ballots is the worst form of betrayal of what Dube, Luthuli, Tambo, Sisulu, Mandela, Hani and Mahlangu fought for. In fact this a treasonous act that aims to divide the people’s camp and drive them into the hands of neo-liberals and fascists.

We have also observed the emergence of a strange and desperate opposition alliances, whose main motive is to reduce the ANC majority and to sustain personal bank accounts of their despotic and undemocratic leaders for the next five years. These include the manipulative and delusional tenderpreneur thieves who owe SARS millions and have previously bankrupted the Limpopo government and demolished firm structured houses in the affluent Sandton to build underground bankers.

On the other-hand, neo-liberal and ultra-conservatives continue to plot their desperate attempts to unseat and discredit our leadership and ultimately reversing the gains of the good story under the ANC government. These elections are about defending and consolidating our democratic gains, and advancing the second more radical phase of our revolution focusing on the transformation of the structure and commanding the heights of the economy.

President Jacob Zuma’s term has successfully tackled many socio-economic challenges, which culminated to a general and significant increase in life expectancy. The next 5 years will again focus on building on these successes and responding to the remaining challenges at hand.

The Party is confident that the working class is set to benefit for the next coming five years from President Zuma’s administration. The substantial increase of the education, health and infrastructure spending budgets are all part of the clear indication that the next five years will once again improve the lives of South African for the better.

Another notable achievement of Presidents Zuma’s administration is the reduction of the mother-to-child HIV infection rate and the implementation of National Health Insurance(NHI) that will see the working class gaining access to quality healthcare.

These are direct programmes to eradicate the structural damage of apartheid, to create a better country and a better society for all. Contrary to the current misguided posture by Ronnie Kasrils and his collaborators, the working class masses will vote in their overwhelming numbers on the 7th of May and partner with the ANC in taking South Africa forward.

Ronnie is misusing the confidence we have conferred to attack the same organization that exposed him to the world of politics, the ANC. Over the years, he has quickly transformed to something very strange with a serious deficit of political consciousness, which has since departed. Political consciousness is not a permanent feature, hence turning the revolutionary spear by Ronnie and the ilk to advance a right wing agenda of delaying our radical phase of second transition by attempting to reduce the ANC’ electoral support. In essence the “no vote campaign” is not only anti-democratic, it is a declaration of un-ideological marriage with the anti-majoritarian neo-liberals and serving divorce papers to the people’s camp. This campaign seriously undermines our determination of taking the people’s camp forward together with all the sectors of society.

Subjective attacks on the president and the continuous campaign to discredit the ANC government are baseless and desperate attempts to gain political power and grandstand in front of the media.

In defence of the legacy, and in honouring Comrade Chris Hani and Comrade Nelson Mandela, the working class will vote ANC come 07 May, as the only trusted weapon and vehicle for total liberation.

Masonwabe Sokoyi is the Spokesperson for the South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Western Cape Province

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