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December 12, 2013 | UhuruSpirit

President Mugabe arrives to bid farewell to South Africa’s former president Nelson Mandela lying in state at the Union Buildings in Pretoria yesterday. Nelson Mandela’s flag-draped casket made a solemn journey through the streets of Pretoria yesterday, arriving at the seat of South Africa’s government where he will lie in state for three days. — AFP

President Robert Mugabe has described the late anti-apartheid hero as a “great friend” and denied reports that the two did not get on well. Since Mandela’s death in Johannesburg on December 5 after a lung infection, some media outlets have tried to create the impression that President Mugabe and South Africa’s first black leader did not get along.

This went to the extent that some started querying why President Mugabe had taken “long” to issue a condolence message.

President Mugabe expressed surprise that some people thought the two did not get along.

Speaking to the media after landing in Harare on return from South Africa, President Mugabe said, “I don’t know about any feud. If anything, there was an alliance. We worked very well with him when he came out of prison. We gave him support.

“We established the principle of national reconciliation (at independence in 1980), they took it over and used it as a basis to create what they have now as the Rainbow Nation. There was no feud, where was the feud, what feud?”

President Mugabe said he hoped South Africa and Africa at large would uphold the principles that Mr Mandela embodied and fought for.

“We went to send off Cde Mandela and the two events were the memorial service yesterday (Tuesday) and today (Wednesday) this morning the viewing of the body.

“Those have taken place and we are very happy that he got this send off, this very huge send off for a man who actually deserved it. “But we do hope that what he stood for, the principles that he stood for, will be pursued in South Africa. And some of them are universal, of course, and Africa also will pursue them.

“We do hope that the situation in South Africa will continue with the peace and calm that Mandela created in 1994 when he came out of prison.

“But from our point of view, we have lost a great friend, a revolutionary and a man of real principle. That’s why we went to give him a send off so that we would be satisfied that the love we had for him, the historical alliance that we created in the fight against imperialism and colonialism will not have been historically lost by our being absent, and by not really being present to see this great man being given his eternal rest.

“So we say let him rest in peace; he has done his best for the people of South Africa.” - The Herald

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