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December 07, 2013 | UhuruSpirit

The Workers' Party of Belgium

The Workers' party of Belgium (WPB) has joined numerous other organisations and individuals in commiserating with South Africans over the passing on of the former revolutionary leader and world iconic figure, Dr. Nelson Mandela.

The message from the Workers Party of Belgium was signed by Bert De Belder Head, Department of International Relations of the party and addressed to Dr. Blade Nzimande, the General Secretary of the South African Communist party (SACP).

Here is the message in full:

To Comrade Blade Nzimande
General Secretary
South African Communist Party

Dear comrade,

On the occasion of the passing away of Comrade Nelson Mandela, the Workers' Party of Belgium (PTB) conveys its condolences to his family and loved ones, to the South African people and to the South African Communist Party. We were happy and proud to learn that at his arrest in August 1962, Nelson Mandela was a member of your Party and its Central Committee.

Nelson 'Madiba' Mandela has been an icon for several generations of Belgians who wanted to express their indignation and anger about South African apartheid, racism and repression, about colonialism and imperialism. From its very foundation, the Workers' Party of Belgium has fully engaged in the struggle against the inhuman apartheid regime and for solidarity with the South African liberation struggle.

This struggle has been the work of millions of South Africans, causing thousands of martyrs. Their struggle for national liberation and democracy received the solidarity and active support of many other peoples and countries from around the world, with a special mention for Cuba. For it were the Cuban troops that finally helped force the apartheid regime on its knees by winning the heroic battle of Cuito Cuanavale.

Even long after apartheid was gone and long after he retired from the positions he held, Nelson Mandela continued his fight against all kinds of injustice. “While poverty persists, there is no true freedom”, he said at the Make Poverty History rally in February 2005 in London. Unfortunately, since then the world has not seen less but rather more poverty and inequality, as the result of a new round of the systemic crisis of capitalism, followed by yet another set of neoliberal austerity measures.

This situation only stresses the need to continue the fight for the values and ideals of Comrade Nelson Mandela with more determination than ever, and to advance further on the path to socialism and communism.

Bert De Belder
Head, Department of International Relations
on behalf of the National Council Workers' Party of Belgium (PTB)

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