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August 25, 2017 | Uhuruspirit

Supporters of the Russian communist party attend a rally. | Photo: Reuters

In response to the European Union’s event to commemorate the “victims of Nazism and communism”, more than 60 communist parties from around the world released a statement denouncing it.

They called the gathering an “anti-communist meeting” that “unacceptably equate(s) communism with the monster of fascism and its atrocities.”

“The provocative identification of communism with fascism means exonerating fascism and the womb that gives birth to and nourishes it, the exploitative capitalist system,” the parties stated.

“This is why, when communists are being persecuted and condemned and communist parties are being banned in a number of EU countries, at the same time honours are being bestowed on and pensions provided to the Nazi collaborators and their political descendants,” they added.

The event, which took place on Wednesday in Tallin, Estonia, was organized on by the Estonian government, which currently holds the EU presidency. It was based on a resolution adopted in 2009 by the regional body that pegs August 23 as the Europe-wide “Day of Remembrance for the victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.”

“Both the texts of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ and Karl Marx include it, the idea to use terror to keep dictatorships in power,” Goran Lindblad, a member of the Swedish Moderate Party, said at the event, which included speakers from Germany, Canada, Moldova and Estonia.

Greece’s Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis rejected his invitation to the event last week, saying it “sends a wrong and dangerous political message.”

“(The event) revives the Cold War climate that brought so much suffering to Europe, runs contrary to the values of the EU, and certainly does not reflect the view of the Greek government and the Greek people, which is that Nazism and communism could never exist as the two parts of the same equation,” he insisted.

Communist parties from around the world have been continuing to sign on to the statement against the event.

“100 years after the Great October Socialist Revolution, the superiority of the socialist system cannot be concealed, however many tonnes of mud they throw at it,” the statement concludes.

- telesur

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