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April 13, 2017 | Uhuruspirit

SACP 2nd Deputy General Secretary Solly Mapaila, second from left, at a Fidel Castro memorial in Cape Town. Photo: Uhuruspirit

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Western Cape has condemned a reported assassination attempt on its second Deputy General-Secretary, Solly Mapaila.

Footage has emerged of an unknown gunman allegedly pointing a pistol at Mapaila during an event to commemorate the life of Chris Hani in Johannesburg earlier this week.

“The gunman, who was oblivious that there a video recording capturing his action, was amongst the mob of a few hooligans who were premeditatedly co-ordinated to boo Mapaila and silence the voice of the Communist Party. The gunman aborted his mission after what seemed to be an alert to him that he was exposed," the party said in statement.

SACP Western Cape spokesperson, Barry Mitchell, says they want the matter investigated.

“We obviously call for a cool calm head in these turbulent waters. We want an immediate expedited investigation into who these thugs are that tried to assassinate one of our leaders. We unapologetically call for the president to stand down and in and amongst the other matters that we raised.”

The SACP, along with the other ANC alliance partner, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), called for President Zuma's resignation, following a recent cabinet reshuffle in which he replaced the former finance minister.

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