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March 15, 2017 | Uhuruspirit

African Union Flag

The African Union (AU) is discussing the problem of xenophobia in South Africa during a meeting of the Peace and Security Council which is scheduled for today (March 15).

Last month, Nigeria called for the AU intervention to stop attacks on African nationals, including Nigerians, in South Africa. Many diplomats believe that Pretoria is not doing enough to stop the problem.

In 2008, more than 60 people died in xenophobic incidents and, to date, there has been virtually no conviction. According to the Institute of Race Relations, foreigners represent only 4% of the population. And they often work on their own.

This information is ignored by the authorities, according to Jean-Pierre Misago of the University of Johannesburg. "Politicians are looking for scapegoats, especially when they are not able to keep their promises. You will hear that from the government, from the Parliament, at the local level: "There is no medicine in the hospital, it is the fault of Zimbabweans; there is no place in school, it is because the foreigners invade the country; unemployment, it is the foreigners who take the job, "he said.

During the violence in recent weeks, some diplomats regretted that Pretoria denied the xenophobic character of the attacks, preferring to talk about crime.

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